PicSimuFull a serious Game

Icône de l'outil pédagogique


Due to the growing request expressed by the teachers since the Haguenau workshop GEII in 2012 the very positive reactions to the online resource presentation the students’ enthusiasm we felt it urgent to propose the download of the PicSimuFull simulator on the “IUT online” platform. This will allow students and teachers to dive into the universe of the “Line follower robot” competition, through this new serious robotics game.

This resource is still incomplete and offers only the minimum basic information, for the moment

A tutorial for the use of the simulator as well as some theoretical and practical exercises in the domains of: electronics, C programming language, informatics in general and physics (solid mechanics, optics, etc.) will soon be integrated, starting from 2013…

This simulator is not meant to replace the practical experience, but it allows to overcome material defects and to optimize time, hence to limit blocking situations during the project.

It features a very useful transportable experience, which is ideal for practical exercises, Study & Realization projects and long distance projects/partnerships

In certain scenarios, the simulator has also a non-negligible financial interest.


Icône de l'outil pédagogique

Pré-requisites :

This ressource is the continuation of the ressource :

Micro-simulator PIC18
(by the same author : Yves Guinand - IUT de Cachan)

This new simulator appears as a serious robotics game, which allows the student to be in charge of project management and feasibility study, hence anticipating several concepts and problems that the 1st nd 2nd year students have to face during the Study&Realization projects.

It appears that this simulation activity, led concurrently with the real realization of the “Gamelle” robot, truly motivates the students who can progress in the implementation of their project independently from blocking situations such as electronic board fabrication or reparation.

The students can test their ideas during the different phases of the project, hence theoretically verifying their validity, which seems to put the students in a perspective of success and motivation.

Maybe this approach will allow losing fewer students on the way or rather to avoid to let them lose their “line” towards the DUT…?

This resource supposes that the reader has already a background in :

- binary algebra : booleans types, logicals operators, bit and byte manipulation...
Available ressources on "IUTenLigne" :

- C language : variables, finctions, conditions, etc...

Available ressources on "IUTenLigne" :
Available ressources on "OpenClassroom" :

- Analogic electronics : operational amplifiers, comparators...

- Physics : mechanics of the point, cinematic (translation, rotation...)

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